Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hiatus and/or Minimalist blogging

The blogging style and/or frequency is going to change to accommodate my job searching needs.

I decided this yesterday.  The day before that, I had an unproductive half day of job hunting and a jam session later with a new friend who had some really nice synths.  While the jamming was great and we had fun swapping music tips, I was kind of on edge until he left thinking "ok, I need to blog but at the same time I don't wanna rush him off".  So after the jam session was over and I dropped him off it was already 2 AM.  When I got back home I tried my damnedest to listen to all the new music I had downloaded (mixed with other vetted tunes, on shuffle).  I had started a blog entry for a song which sounded good the first 30 seconds, I won't deny.  But on the second listen, I wasn't so sure anymore.  I noted down some other titles of interest.  Some moments later I passed out on my couch.  At some point I woke up and headed straight to bed without setting an alarm, and didn't wake up again till 1-ish PM...which is NOT GOOD since I need to contact recruiters during business hours.

Anyways, I plan to continue communicating which new/lesser known tracks I'm digging.  Either via minimalist "mention" blog posts, tweets, or some blog aggregator autotweet.

Hopefully when I do find a job I'll have time to blog again [via sitting at a desk all day, surfing internets 90 % the time].  Incidentally, do yall know anyone that needs a technical contractor?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Teen Daze

Thought I'd 'spice things up' with a photo of an 'effing hipster' photo credits

One of the newest blissed out tracks from 'chill-daze' powerhouse Teen Daze.  But let's not pidgeonhole him, as he is a multi-faceted artist that has shown himself capable of several genres to date.  Even if there were a near complete 'buzz drought' of 2k10.825 and onward, we can take comfort in knowing that Teen Daze will steadily release  a stream blogworthy new tracks, like an IV to a patient.  Speaking of which, stay tuned to YPNRTA because in the future I plan on hosting a 'Secret' tracks listening party.  It's simple really, you come, you chill, you listen to a whole 'mixtape' of "unreleased" buzzworthy tracks.  For now check out Shadows

Teen Daze - Shadows

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stephen Farris: A YPNRTA Premier(?)

ripped off from

What do you get when you mix hip-hop and chillwave?  I'm not sure which I like better: hipwave or illwave.  But that is the genre I would assign to this mindfuck of beats, synths, and samples.  This guy is so indie, he's using a free Soundcloud account (i think).  Which is a bummer because I was hopin to download his remix of Top Girls' "Can't Stop".  Just look at this videodromy pic, and ask yourself why you're not listening yet?

Stephen Farris - Short Breath

Sunday, October 10, 2010

'September' 'Mixtape'

What will you find on my 'mixtape'? 'Genres' will be some combinatoric of the following: 'Witch'/Lo/'Electro'/Psych/Noise/Dream/'Experimental'/-Fi/Shoe/Chill/House/Rock/Pop/Gaze/Wave.  Oh and here's a little copy-paste action via Winamp with the playlist.  Some discussion of the tunes "after the jump"

Download 'September' 'Mixtape'



16 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:26
Playlist length: 1 hour 10 minutes 59 seconds
Right-click here to save this HTML file.
Playlist files:

1. El Guincho - Bombay (3:39)
2. Small Black - Search Party (2:50)
3. Active Child - I'm In Your Church At Night (School Of Seven Bells Remix) (5:40)
4. Glasser - Apply (4:59)
5. Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (3:56)
6. Twin Shadow - Slow (3:54)
7. No Joy - Heedless (3:21)
8. The Black Ryder - To Never Know You (4:28)
9. Women - Drag Open (4:52)
10. Deerhunter - Earthquake (5:00)
11. Warpaint - Undertow (5:51)
12. Summer Camp - Veronica Sawyer (3:19)
13. oOoOO - Hearts (5:14)
14. School Of Seven Bells - Heart is Strange (Active Child Remix) (5:11)
15. Eternal Summers - Eternal (2:59)
16. Memory Screen - Bbvroi (5:46)

These songs were either released/leaked ca September or are part of EPs/albums that were.  I didn't decide to make this mixtape until...well pretty much the first of oOoOOctober so didn't start werkin on it till then.  Didn't remember if a few of the albums were released in the timeframe or I've just been running around so much that it slipped my mind.  A lot of love, care, and most importantly discretion has gone into making this 'mixtape'.  I think all the tracks here are "legit".  But if not: DONT ASK ME TO REMOVE ANYTHING.  THAT WOULD MEAN I HAVE TO MAKE A NEW ZIP FILE AND REUPLOAD.  I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT BULLSHIT.  GO FUCK YOURSELF...NEWAYS

El Guincho leads us off with some innovative combination of steel drums and electropop.  Coincidentally oOoOO has a song titled Mumbai on their new EP.  You have no idea how tempting it was to include that on the mixtape...for novelty.  But I decided to 'hold myself to a higher standard' and not be 'gimmicky' this go round.

I had some mixed feelings about including Small Black's "Search Party" [via I already gave it a blog entry and want 2 expose yall to more diversity] but I just <3 it sooo much.

So I think it was two weeks ago when Active Child and 'The School of Broken Bells, srsly why we teachin our kids to play choral instruments that sound like bangin a knife on cookie pans yall' or w/e they r called...NEWAYS those two, did some mutual remixing of respective tracks, and the result was wonderful.

I'm honestly not sure why Glasser's "Home" was released so early and heavily blogged.  Nor why "Apply" wasn't just as heavily blogged.  I mean we all make mistakes.  Sometimes we just get complacent and we take whatever the newest release is from an artist we respect and just 'blgo the shit out of it' [via bein an effing 20-something].  I've been guilty of this in the past, but no more (at least thats what I tell myself).

This Crystal Fighters - Star of Love album is a "grower".  Still not sure how I feel about it on the whole.  But since it has 'Basque influences' feel like it will aid greatly in my 'personal development' as a 'tastemaker'.

Not sure when, but Twin Shadow remixed Surfer Blood's "Floating Vibes" which I recommend giving a listen.  But for now...wait seriously, is it even possible you haven't heard "Slow" yet?  If so, take a step back, think about the title, and how appropo it seems to describe yer ability 2 keep up with 'buzzbands'.

I remember getting a tip a while ago on No Joy's "No Summer" from @foamingbbq (I believe it's still on bandcamp).  So when "Heedless" was released, listening to it was a no-brainer.

Checked out The Black Ryder's new album "Buy the ticket, take the ride (but only if ur tall enough, SERIOUSLY my wife is bangin the "Guess Your Age" booth guy and if I lose this Carney gig she'll probs leave me yall)"...on a tip from @mexicansummer

Ok so Deerhunter's "Halcyon Digest" is good.  UNDERSTATEMENT.  But I think we're all a bit perplexed as to how the P4K's rating system works [via why did it get a 9.2]?  Not saying it didn't deserve a 9.2, but I feel there are other albums that deserve a comparably high rating, possibly higher relatively, that I don't even see on the p4ks.

A remember in recent history I clicked some link 2 download a free track by Warpaint.  They made me enter a valid email address.  Totes worth it.  Can't wait for "The Fool"s release.

Veronica Summer's Sawyer Camp was on a tip from @righthear.  Actually a few of my mixtape/blog entry songs are.  I think we might be blog bff's...bbffs.  Wish they were a gurl, I'd totes hit that.

Hey remember when I made that comment about albums not being rated high enough on the bitchsporks?  I'd like to enter Women's Public Strain as evidence Exhibit A.  On that note, I was recently not selected for jury duty.  That whole process was a dog & pony show.  Quite lolz worthy.  Yall should keep an eye on my tumblr and watch me fail to articulate the irl fail...NEWAYS let me say this about Women.  They are as good/if not better than Interpol at their prime.  It was so hard to not listen to this album a second time in a row  ca 4 AM when I was already dead tired.

oOoOOooH I'm likin this "Witch House" stuff.  More please.  Think that this atx local band "Missions", who opened 4 SLAY BALLS last night might be next in my listening qUeUEeee

Learned of Eternal Summers thanks to a label sampler from @kaninerecords...I think.  They played a show at this East Austin dive, Club 1808 the following week.  KISMET!  It's a quaint little venue in an uh...interesting part of town where the 'non hipster' locals congregate at one of the myriad liquor stores.

At the end I just wanted something a little more mellow than the mellow.  Btw, checked out Memory Screen on a tip from @teendaze.
Blogger has a 200 char limit for the combined length of all labels.  Had to make this empty post to tag all the artists.  Want 2 have a kewl 'labels cloud' sum day.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wolf Gang

ripped off from user Anchises

'Indie' electronic artist Wolf Gang with a 'New' track.  Active Child remixed the single "Back to Back" awhile ago which was my first exposure to Wolf Gang.  It's hard to form an unbiased opinion of the stand alone work when it has been reworked so masterfully.  Well 'today' is the day I learned about Wolf Gang the artist, not the remixee.  You may have noticed the "inverted commas" with the words "new" and "today".  Well it seems that The Blue Walrus knows the manager personally and has had a copy of this song since last summer!  Take that P4K!  Ok, can't hate on the p4ks too much...they have been liking the HRO photos I've been reposting.  Probably some indie blogodome bullshit, they reachin out to kool-aid drinkin HRO 'readers', letting them know they still 'relevant'.  Now you listen.

Wolf Gang - Lions in Cages

Friday, October 1, 2010

Small Black

ripped off from from the "New Chain" album out 10/26

An unequivocally chillwave new track from Small Black.  A fine follow up to "photojournalist" with an 80's synthpoppy twist [via the Informations Societies "Pure Energy"].  The band seems to be breaking new ground by layering flangy/cold guitar riffs [via Big Country Big Country] over the waved out synths. It's music blog days like this that almost inspire me to wake up earlier, just so I can be closer to blogging first...almost.  And to think I was fuckin around tryin to setup streaming media over the LAN for 2 hours (only to fail) when I could have been listening to this fresh track.  Listen now

Small Black - Search Party

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


ripped off from dailybeatz (a nice lil' music blog)

Electropop, somewhat dark mysterious synthetic drums contrasted with spiritual vocals.  Yall remember her bein remixed by Delorean?  Reminds me of a more conventional (kinda?) form of IAMAMIWHOAMI, however distinct. That's a good thing because ibid is not enough to hold me over. She leaves me wanting more, and here it is, undoubtedly 'adding value' to the genre. All the makings for a great remix. Well, now more than 50% of her debut Ring is on the electric web of tubes. Let's just hope the powers that be think of me as some kind of 'beta tester' and myself/yall as 'focus group data' that shows Mirrorage should be the next single released.

Glasser - Mirrorage dot emm pee three

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Teen Daze

ripped off from Wonderbeard's tumblr (Teen Daze is one of their artists)

This is what I call chillwave get's back to it's 'roots'.  Blissed out synths and ecstatic femme vocal loops all set to a chilled uptempo backbeat we can 'vibe out' to.  This track comes to us from the White Guys With Beards & Friends Vol. 3 mixtape which contains other good artists including Closed Cassette, Blackbird Blackbird, and others I have yet to blog about.  This was 6 days ago, and not one mp3 post shows up in an search.  Where was the 'blogosphere'?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


ripped off from Non Records the label that also brought us Palmbomen

So excited about this yall!  Hard electro/electro house/whatever straight out of Amsterdam.  You know that place with the hash bars?  Even better, they appear to be a brand new label, with their first EP, "V", in Jan?  That had only 4 artists at the time of the Palmbomen release?  Described by the label as "tube-heated beats", "disturbed synthesizers", and "hard-hitting beats".  Finally some REAL after-after party music!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twin Sister - New Single!

<a href="">Meet the Frownies by Weathervane Music</a>

The latest from the NY dream/psych-pop outfit Twin Sister.  At first this darker track starts off seemingly innocuous track but takes some unexpected turns-- otherwise I wouldn't be posting it.  Good but different.  I haven't yet/not sure if I will fall in love the way I did with "Lady Daydream".  Ok, I admit it.  I am selling out today.  I am posting some well-known bloggable music.  I am planting my flag on the ground [via the homesteaders act].  It's been a long fuckin 2 days without home internet access.  I was sitting in my folding chair by the front door of my apartments leasing office till 5:30 AM 'last night' for WiFi.  My dream of having an average of 5 new songs per new entry every 5 days, during the 'launch' of this blog, seems to be going to shit.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Les Sins: Toro y Moi's other project

ripped off from

As yall probably alraedy know Toro y Moi makes chillwave, electropop, even some "indie rock".  Well Les Sins is his 'nu-disco', deep house Mr. Hyde...I've been a fan since "Lina".  Occasionally I would find myself wondering, when is "Les Sins" gonna release another track?  Thinking that he was someone other than Toro, on account of that really black dude in the main pic.  Anyway, that day is nearing.  The new track "Youth Gone" will be released on a 12" split, Nov. 9 2010 (they say).

Les Sins "Youth Gone" by carparkrecords

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mickey Mickey Rourke

Sometimes abbr as MMR.  Did you know, another common acronym of MMR is Measles Mumps Rubella?  This "chilldaze" track features crashing waves and ethereal synths with echoing vocals.  Dreamy and perfect to get danked to.  Off MMR's latest EP Inner Gazing.  The whole thing is magical and available for free download at the bandcamp.

<a href="">KOOPA ft Foxes In Fiction by MICKEY MICKEY ROURKE</a>

Okinawa Lifestyle

This track is hard electro with chopped samplin, sharp drums and syncopating cymbals that oscillates from booty-shakin to swayin.  But they show range all the way down to the chill end of the spectrum.

<a href="">Black Sea Shark by Okinawa Lifestyle</a>

Now, Now Every Children

ripped off from Now, Now Every Children account.  it's [pic] very...'Michel Gondry'

This song blends elements of industrial, psychadelic synths, classical violin, and hauntingly beautiful vocals.

Now, Now Every Children - Jesus Camp by brostradamus


A dreampoppy, chillgazy tune with poignant piano riffs and lo-fi vocals.  Daniel Radall is from Guadalajara, Mexico and makes his music by 'combing old disco sounds with thermal properties of magnetic media.  This is the 'first EP'.  Expect good things to come. (Click "Buy" to download [free if you wish])

<a href="">Chillhood by DannielRadall</a>

Keep Shelly in Athens

ripped off from Keep Shelly in Athens account

Not quite chillgaze, not quite electronic.  Tropical electronic.  So you're wearing a guayabara drinkin Pina Coladas instead of boardshorts with Coronas, while you listen.

Keep Shelly In Athens - Cremona Memories by brostradamus

Friday, September 10, 2010


BROTHERTIGER - You're Afraid from Kevan Giffen on Vimeo.

Of all the posts today, this one has me the most excited.  Another single released from chillwaver/gazer Brothertiger, and the mp3 has only been downloadable since.  The thing I like is the way he blends different paradigms of electro, in this case space-aged reverbing synths and ecstatic technoish crescendos.  Did yall know this aint on the hype m's yet?

This post writes itself.  For an added bonus, queue this up right after Depatterning - Uranium City, SK

Brothertiger-YoureAfraid by brostradamus

Blackbird Blackbird

ripped off from

'Are they dream or psych-pop?'  I'm asking myself this question a lot lately.  Anyways, they made a debut EP with Arcade Sound Ltd (Memoryhouse, Million Young, Teen Daze)...or are they still making it?  I don't know.  So confused.  The internet has totally blurred the lines between existing electronically or physically.  I just know that yall can prob buy some 7"ers if yall want.

BlackbirdBlackbird-StarlightFeatSteffaloo by brostradamus

Closed Cassette

ripped off from

Chillwave? Not quite. I'ma go with Chillgaze (thank u They also say you "can file Closed Cassette next to Teen Daze, Sunvisor, Hooray!, Blackbird Blackbird etc etc". There's a new song up on the artists tumblr I recommend listening to it. I can't listen to streaming audio right now, so yall will prob get to listen to it before I do...h8 yall. <3

ClosedCassette-Helpers by brostradamus


ripped off from

Post-apocalyptic ambient of the aptly named depatterning off their Liminal Farm EP. This is the music that would result if Aphex Twin took a valium (instead of speed?) Summarized by the artist on their website "electricity . childhood . farming . canada". This track is described (by the same) as "Trapped in Uranium City, Saskatchewan, a woman fears that the morse code signal will not reach anyone"

Depatterning-UraniumCitySK by brostradamus

Royal Hideouts

ripped off from

So I decided I would call this "dreamy quasibeach pop (beachy in Nova Scotia maybe)" well they're from Brighton, Mass...I was close. The internets [via] describes this as 'deteriorated pop made in a closet' and invokes genres such as "psych-pop, new wave, post punk, and shoegaze". I'll bend a little on the psych-pop. In fact I feel like this isn't quite dream or psych-pop, a sort of hybrid. As for those other labels?...NO. Decide for yourself

RoyalHideouts-DeafSister by brostradamus

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Ok, I'm really stretchin my limits of BS today. I'ma say warm 'Post-rock' ambient experimental with lot's of emotion. Apparently this bro's name is Ben Chatwin and he's from London. I can really relate to him, he collects anything that makes noise, records those noises, and finds ways to incorporate them into his music-- which is similar to my ideal way of making music. Except that I hope I can incorporate those elements into an 'electro' minimalist chillwave sound. Anyway, have a listen.

Talvihorros - The Blue Cathedral

Talvihorros - Twin Peaks Theme


Chill dream/synthpop reminiscent of a more downtempo Twin Shadow. Comparisons have been made to Memory House. You decide. Either way, this was one of my most exciting finds on this "blog day." Hope yall enjoy it as much as I have.

Pandit - Scotch

Night Drugs

Ahhh, finally my first 'electro' post. I'd call this down/mid-tempo electro(nica). Kinda reminiscent of this "Nothin 2 Step 2" remix by hellificanremember. Not really sure though what to do with this music besides listen. Good for the after-after party [via bein a 'trustfund jackass']? But that could just be because I'm sitting on my ass and I don't have it cranked up. Anyway, just give it a listen, DL it, and it will enhance yousa 'electro' portfolio.

Night Drugs - Idole

Night Drugs - Shined On Me

Mean Wind

Chill indie pop noise, reminiscent of Broken Social Scene [via anthem of a 17 year old girl [re: "but what age should our kids be having sex?" "seventeen" "but what if they're not ready to handle the overwhelming emotions brought on by an intimate connection?" "seventeen"]].

Mean Wind - Coming Down The Mountain

Mean Wind - I Haven't Spoken Our Shared

Still here? Here's another song

Get Mean Wind - Yr Swword at their band camp, error with the file yall

Cold Seeds

Lo-fi at times folky/melodic stuff, Cold Seeds is a collaboration that includes this bro Kenny Anderson that apparently used to call himself "King Creosote". I've never really listened to this 'King Creosote Soaked Log yousa need to clean your chimneys so your house doesnt burn down yall' because honestly it sounds like it would be bad folk music. Plus I was probably ridin techno/electronica waves in those days. I guess the other members of this collab had 'careers' prior to Cold Seeds. Whatever, I'm sure this stuff is better than any of the members prior works. But these tracks got feelin yall, so give 'em a listen.

Cold Seeds - The Perfume On Mexican Birds

Cold Seeds - Leave Me Alone To Lie On The Ground

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Warm Waves - New Single!

Reminiscent of an instrumental version of Active Child. Lo-fi ambient (ie no vocals) chillwave, sans the wave, from across the pond (UK). Well this new track is anyways. Their other stuff was got plenty of chillwaves to ride. Ok, maybe it doesn't. My mind is playing tug-o-war with the proverbial headband. Either way, it's chill.

Warm Waves - Athena

Warm Waves - Sunset

Warm Waves - Feathers

Wait, did you get the reference to the "headband"? I recommend being drunk for this. Drunk yet? Ok, "Youtube" "Gimme that headband". This is the most ridiculous anti-drug video ever. You're welcome.

Summer Twins

Here comes a new indie dreampop outfit from California, Riversid to be exact.  The word "dreampop" may bring to mind acts like Twin Sister and Memoryhouse.  Some tracks (my faves) of this "The Good Things" EP have a more ethereal emotive quality, the others have more of an upbeat malt-shop sound to them.  Hm, seem to notice a recurring theme of 'Twins' but in the newcomers' defense, the core of the band are actually sisters albeit not twins.  Who should be more inspired to write 'dreampop' anyway?  Brooklynn residents Twin Sister probably pine to have the waves crashing on them and to 'feel it all around'.  But Riversiders, Summer Twins are so close yet so far from a real beach.  I can see no clear advantage in terms of inspiration.

Summer Twins - The Good Things

Summer Twins - Crying in my sleep