'Write' 4 'Us'

Be another effing 20-something music blogger!!!

Do you:
  • Have 'relevant' tastes in music?
  • Want to blog buzzworthy mp3s everyday but don't have the time?
  • Practice musical promiscuity/will stop loving (or love less) some 'tier 1' indie band as soon as a better 'more indie' 'tier 3' version of 'the same' band comes along?
  • Wish society would just eat a dick sometimes?
  • Live in Austin and wanna discuss indie music and memes over El Presidentes and Southwestern Eggrolls at Chili's?
Then 'write' this blog with me.  What will you do?

Find new blogworthy mp3s, either:
  • Blogged 0 times according to elbows (preferred)
  • Released the same day (preferred) or 1-5 days before
  • Released awhile ago but blogged 0 times [via elbows] or virtually 'unblogged'
  • This would include local music (wherever you are) that deserves a bloggin, perhaps for the first time
  • Preferrably all legit [via officially released for free download]
This is the criteria that warrants a "one artist/one song" post.  Don't worry if you find a 'new' song that doesn't meet this criteria.  I have other plans for it.

Then you will write about the music.  If you're not a musician or someone that 'enjoys the smell of their own farts' [via music 'journalism'] it may be difficult.  Hell, I AM a musician and it's not that easy.  But I can help.

In the write ups you will:
  • Write a 'relevant' first sentence or two.
  • After that you can write pretty much whatever you want.
R U interested yet?  Do this:
  • Email me
    • brostradamusyall [at] geewhizmail [dot] com
      • wonders how many yall thought geewhizmail is actually a domain
  • Make sure the subject contains the words "write" "your" "blog"
  • In this email tell me about a kewl new song you found that was released 1 week or less ago
Alright, lookin forward to readin yalls emails.  U do know this doesn't pay money (yet) right?

And now, a rant about this blog in case you're interested

This blog will never have flash-animated ads for 'hot' bands.  Hopefully will never have flash-animted ads of any kind.  They fuckin annoy me and waste memory.  Wish we could all just collectively 'get the fuck over' high-end graphics.  Srsly why do we even have video cards with 24+ bit resolution for LCD screens (CRTs are another matter)?  I'd imagine it's so people don't have to invent new jobs, and can still keep doin the same thing and by convincing people that they 'need' 'improved' versions of products.  h8 the world sometimes.  I just listen to Beach House's Teen Dream when I want to think happy thoughts.

This blog will never have videos.  Basically, see previous comment about flash-animated ads above.  Ok really people.  Yall can release a Utube/Vimeo/etc video for your songs, but you can't release an mp3?  I don't follow.  I assume this is because a video is supposed to 'build more buzz' or somethin.  Fuck that shit, real music lovers don't care about that shit.  Sometimes wish my computer screen just looked like a cardboard box.  As long as I'm listenin to mp3s at 320 kbps, I could give a fuck less.  There are exceptions though like IAMAMIWHOAMI, part of her art IS visual.  Hence almost all of IAMBOUNTY having official music videos.

This blog will (almost) never have interviews without a an accompanying 'new' mp3.  While I do appreciate reading artist interviews, there are plenty of blogs that already exist which have them.  We don't need another one.  The exception being a first time ever interview.

This blog will never have non-downloadable mp3s (again).  I'm mostly referring to a "share embedded widget" from the likes of My Space.  My Space is ghey yall, I will not align 'my brand' with them.  Wish the artists would just get on Soundcloud.

To be continued...?