Saturday, August 28, 2010

Warm Waves - New Single!

Reminiscent of an instrumental version of Active Child. Lo-fi ambient (ie no vocals) chillwave, sans the wave, from across the pond (UK). Well this new track is anyways. Their other stuff was got plenty of chillwaves to ride. Ok, maybe it doesn't. My mind is playing tug-o-war with the proverbial headband. Either way, it's chill.

Warm Waves - Athena

Warm Waves - Sunset

Warm Waves - Feathers

Wait, did you get the reference to the "headband"? I recommend being drunk for this. Drunk yet? Ok, "Youtube" "Gimme that headband". This is the most ridiculous anti-drug video ever. You're welcome.

Summer Twins

Here comes a new indie dreampop outfit from California, Riversid to be exact.  The word "dreampop" may bring to mind acts like Twin Sister and Memoryhouse.  Some tracks (my faves) of this "The Good Things" EP have a more ethereal emotive quality, the others have more of an upbeat malt-shop sound to them.  Hm, seem to notice a recurring theme of 'Twins' but in the newcomers' defense, the core of the band are actually sisters albeit not twins.  Who should be more inspired to write 'dreampop' anyway?  Brooklynn residents Twin Sister probably pine to have the waves crashing on them and to 'feel it all around'.  But Riversiders, Summer Twins are so close yet so far from a real beach.  I can see no clear advantage in terms of inspiration.

Summer Twins - The Good Things

Summer Twins - Crying in my sleep