Submissions welcome

Go ahead! Send me your stuff. But make sure that I will like it via listening to the music I post and reading up on my favorites (below). I currently sort through a lot of music from a lot of blogs and I don't need more 'noise' burying the 'signals' (re: SNR, I'm very geeky).

Or you can take your chance and guess that I'll like your stuff based on a 'description' of what I like. *sigh* here goes. If there's one thing that the music I like has in common, it's passion. Feeling. Emotion. It doesn't matter if it's 'chillwave', 8-bit, dreampop, 'electro' dance / 'experimental', lo-fi, etc. Everything I like evokes some kind of emotion. If it doesn't, then it may as well not exist.

Philosophy of the blog

Music must be LISTENED to, to appreciate it. Or is it "heard" that I'm thinking of? Who'd have thought such meaningful dialogue woulda came from "Rush Hour". Anyway, I can write the most lucid, elaborate, prosy album 'reviews' in the world, but really it's just ghey-- in several ways. One, I may potentially bias you to think about the music a certain way. In turn, I have taken away an opportunity for you to grow culturally.

I remember recently (ca. 2k10.75) the HRO-altreport posted new tracks by Beach House and Twin Shadow. I was trying to listen before being tainted with Carles' 'irony' but damned if my shared WiFi connection didn't drop, had to go to a cafe, can't listen to music in the cafe [re: really want a pair of noise-cancelling headphones [via fuck earbuds]] instead I was stuck listening to covers of popular songs in foreign languages.

Anyway, this is one reason that I only write a little bit about each song-- that and not only am I pretty sure you don't care what I have to say...I endorse it! However, I hope I make you LOL with my nonsense tangents or cultural references. But most importantly, I hope you find some music that changes your life.

I suppose you may wonder why it matters if the music is spankin' new, life-changing music is life-changing music, right? I suppose I'm obsessed with new things, though I still treasure the 'old' (see favorites below). Oh and I'm an unemployed effing 20-something that likes to stick to music venues in his 'income bracket'. Which BTW, FML I didn't know what Twin Sister looked like IRL, turns out she was chillin, grabbin a beer at Emo's before her set. I tried to see a pic [via my smartphone] before "doors" but FML that's another story for another time *shakes fist at phone

My favorites

Glasser - Apply
Deerhunter - Desire Lines
Small Black - Photojournalist
Wolf Gang - Back to Back (Active Child Remix)
Twin Sister - Lady Daydream
Empire of the Sun - Half Mast
Toro y Moi - Lissoms
Koko Von Napoo - Polly (Breakbot Remix)
PNAU - With You Forever
Ladyhawk - Embrace (PNAU Remix)
Chromatics - Runnin Up That Hill