Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hiatus and/or Minimalist blogging

The blogging style and/or frequency is going to change to accommodate my job searching needs.

I decided this yesterday.  The day before that, I had an unproductive half day of job hunting and a jam session later with a new friend who had some really nice synths.  While the jamming was great and we had fun swapping music tips, I was kind of on edge until he left thinking "ok, I need to blog but at the same time I don't wanna rush him off".  So after the jam session was over and I dropped him off it was already 2 AM.  When I got back home I tried my damnedest to listen to all the new music I had downloaded (mixed with other vetted tunes, on shuffle).  I had started a blog entry for a song which sounded good the first 30 seconds, I won't deny.  But on the second listen, I wasn't so sure anymore.  I noted down some other titles of interest.  Some moments later I passed out on my couch.  At some point I woke up and headed straight to bed without setting an alarm, and didn't wake up again till 1-ish PM...which is NOT GOOD since I need to contact recruiters during business hours.

Anyways, I plan to continue communicating which new/lesser known tracks I'm digging.  Either via minimalist "mention" blog posts, tweets, or some blog aggregator autotweet.

Hopefully when I do find a job I'll have time to blog again [via sitting at a desk all day, surfing internets 90 % the time].  Incidentally, do yall know anyone that needs a technical contractor?

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