Sunday, October 17, 2010

Teen Daze

Thought I'd 'spice things up' with a photo of an 'effing hipster' photo credits

One of the newest blissed out tracks from 'chill-daze' powerhouse Teen Daze.  But let's not pidgeonhole him, as he is a multi-faceted artist that has shown himself capable of several genres to date.  Even if there were a near complete 'buzz drought' of 2k10.825 and onward, we can take comfort in knowing that Teen Daze will steadily release  a stream blogworthy new tracks, like an IV to a patient.  Speaking of which, stay tuned to YPNRTA because in the future I plan on hosting a 'Secret' tracks listening party.  It's simple really, you come, you chill, you listen to a whole 'mixtape' of "unreleased" buzzworthy tracks.  For now check out Shadows

Teen Daze - Shadows

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