Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wolf Gang

ripped off from last.fm user Anchises

'Indie' electronic artist Wolf Gang with a 'New' track.  Active Child remixed the single "Back to Back" awhile ago which was my first exposure to Wolf Gang.  It's hard to form an unbiased opinion of the stand alone work when it has been reworked so masterfully.  Well 'today' is the day I learned about Wolf Gang the artist, not the remixee.  You may have noticed the "inverted commas" with the words "new" and "today".  Well it seems that The Blue Walrus knows the manager personally and has had a copy of this song since last summer!  Take that P4K!  Ok, can't hate on the p4ks too much...they have been liking the HRO photos I've been reposting.  Probably some indie blogodome bullshit, they reachin out to kool-aid drinkin HRO 'readers', letting them know they still 'relevant'.  Now you listen.

Wolf Gang - Lions in Cages

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